Thursday, May 21, 2009

not so..

hari nie mood qla mcm x betul sikit..
x de mood nk cakap(communicate) dgn org..even ptg tu mak n abah tnye ..qla jwb sikit je..srrryyyyyy

sorry to those yg call/msg but qla x answer/reply
yg qla reply tu nasib baik la...mksdnye u were not part of the my moody factors..

i think the only fon call that i answered was frm abel(509) tu best..x rse moody pon..happy dgr die cite prep. die for US..tq abel fr calling me...=D

kepada seorang hamba Allah nie..
qla rse bersalah glr x answer ur call..
u called me more thn 5 times..
n i dnt evn reply ur msg..
i'll cll u esk ok!promise

geram balik...
there's one person msg me..
asking about the mara thingy..bla234
then,he/she started to talk about tht india bla234..
dengan confident nye kate kms medic>>india..
qla dh x fikir sgt psl india tu ths last few days
nie ttbe die nk strt balik!!!!

huhh...oggix hilang!!terdelete (nape la lately nie asyik TERdelete bende je..wht's next??)...
can anyone help me hw to fix them back??plzz..
x nk yg baru..nk yg lame-means with all the msg..PLZ..
ninie or deyla bleyh tlg???

i watched it twice..DC makin handsome!!!tp asl nynyi 1 lagu je...nynyi la lbh sikit since u r the previous season's champion!!!!

im in mood for puzzle
currently, trying to complete the white LAMBORGHINI picture(500 pieces ok!)



  1. yay! qlah balas msg aifa~
    i'm not ur moody factor! weeeeeeeee~
    kms not utk india je..
    with great rslt, u can go to great place than india to study =)

  2. haha,,ari nie pOwn mood aku cm x btul gak..
    siot je rse,,huhu..ko suke kris ek? encem kn? haha,,tp ayh aku fruz cket cz adam x dpt.. aku? x kesah pOwn.. :)

  3. hahah..biasela tu, hormones! (ey,u should no better future Dr!) :p hehe

    yes2,kris menang! hope my instructions tdi helps! :)