Thursday, May 14, 2009

im so inspired

malam td mak,abah,aimi n qla pergi visit cousin qla;DR Azlin(kak lin)..die baru dapat baby boy(NINIE,die same bday ngn ninie!)..

hmm...wht am i trying to write in ths post is that i felt so inspired after the visit..
so determined n confirmed with my decision in taking medicine!!

DR Azlin n her husband;DR Anuar were both graduated from UIA..this is one of the reason y i did really aim for UIA!!

they gt married last yr,b4 they strt their intership..(klo kawin dl maybe dpt tmpt intern sng la skit)

mak was very impressed by the way DR Anuar handled the baby..duhhh..obviously,fr the first time parents,they will usually feel kekok in handling the baby...but he did so well..mcm dh slalu buat..that time,we saw him changing the baby's nappy n cleaning him up..nmpk sgt pro n fatherly!!

soon-to-be father out there..blyh ke buat camtu??

kak lin also shared with us her expriences during labour..die kate x sakit!!im not very sure is this bcause she n her husband is a DR,so they know wht to expect n what to do,or is it bcause of the modern technology tht we have now..

so to girls out there..we dnt hv to worry so much about the labour pain..=)there are ways to ease the process.

actually,time kat tgb kn pernah deorg tunjukkn video normal labour..tht time qla mmg rse mmg OMG!!!do i hve to exprnce ths???takut23456!!skrng..lps dh dgr my cousin2 cite..that feeling went away..x dela fobia/takut/etc.... by hook or by crook,sure all ladies hv to exprnce that moment

mak said this to him

"dokter mmg pandai jage budak eyh"

kak lin kate,the night b4,she already broke her water..n yet,she stll bleyh relax n pergi hospital the next morning..huuhuu.ala..even if she is really in labour pown,her husband bleyh handle kn..BESTNYE camtu!

my uncle pesan...lepas nie banyak la docter..senang skit..skrng dh ade 2,soon to add up the number ade 3 org(kak lin's sis-she's now in KMB,my cousin who is the same age wht me-going to mesir this sept,n me..doa2~~)


  1. i'm happy you olready dah set up ur aim straight! ngee.. alorh.,mane gambo nye?!! nak tengok kewt tak macam budak yang "lahir 11 may".. :p

  2. aha.
    nnt my future wife,
    x yah susah-suah
    pergi hospital.
    sy sendiri sambut anak~

  3. ninie:lupe nk amek pix die..teruja sgt..ceyh..dnt wrry,dh name pown brthday same ngn ninie..sure la cute..=)
    nnt qla amek pix die k..