Saturday, July 11, 2009

life there

hey ppl!!IM HOME(yea.i knw.some might say this "alah.baru seminggu dh ngade nk balik"but who cares!!)

one week here in this totally new college environment was such a great experience fr me as im now in another new phase of life.HOMESICK??duh.SURE!!making new friends,adapting with the new college system and etc somehow taught me to be an ADULT n behave like them.kat kms nie qla practice x nk ikut kawan sgt.meaning,ape yg qla buat x la ikut2 org lain(kawan) padahal qla x suke bende tu(ikut sbb nk ade geng.)NO MORE! .qla try to be more independent n belive in myself ;D

i would like to just summarize parts of my new life enjoy!

i dnt thnk tht the academic building is that "ugly" or ancient like what others might think.NO.i admire it! more thing,sume org kat sane muke pandai2!!i remembered i said this to mak during the registration"mak,sume orang muke pandai2 la.takut"

>>roomates,hostels and friends
there r 4 hostels;2 for girls(AISYAH n BALKIS) and 2 for boys(AMINUDDIN n FARABI).im in Aisyah.thanks God.Aisyah is basicly the most strategic n nearest hostel compared to the others=)KOOP dekat,dobi dekat,DS dekat..

kat kms,budak2 KKB,TGB n TAIPING macam jadi geng.ntah mcm mane.tetibe je kiteorg bleyh ngam x la problem sgt nk cari kawan baru.

roomates plk.the are 3 persons per room.roomates qla both from is that means qla yg sesat??haaha

for the IB students,we are require to complete (bape jam nth) for CAS.CAS is actually similar to kokurikulum(club,persatuan etc).so qla register for MERCY MEDIC n SWIMMING CLUB.ceyh!(harap blyh slim.ahahah)

procedure during assembly kat KMS mmg totally diferent from MRSM(KKB n TGB).
contoh.time Pengarah nak masuk hall.usually kn kite just berdiri without any iringan music .but here in KMS,die pasang lagu NASYID to iring the Pengarah n lecturers to enter the hall!
then,ade org will recite few ayat from the Al Quran n translate the meaning .

i would like to say tht pergi surau in KMS is based on ur tahap keimanan.seriously.there r no Badar to chase us out to surau for the maghrib/subuh prayer like what happened in secondary fikir la sendiri..

for IB students(only in KMS kot),starting from this year,we have to take PHYSICS .duhh.ingatkan after SPM we can say goodbye to FZ!nie sume sbb kat INDIA,most of the Uni needs the FZ for wider opotunities,terpakse la belajar FZ AGAIN.

total subjects for IB is 6.including Agama Islam there will be 7 (tp PAI x msk point).
apart from that,we have to complete the CAS(creative,action,service),EE(extended essay) n TOK(theory of knowledge).so do ur maths la bape subjects that will be my nightmare for this 2 years(rase mcm nk kene seat SPM je)

ps>>time regestration day,ade beberape org tgr qla. "nie aqilah blog tu ke","nie mejustaqilah eyh"..ahaha.tx to the followers.hope we'll be friends in KMS

ps>>lps nie qla x blyh nk blog pape yg PERSONAL SGT kat blog,if ade pape yg mcm personal tu qla post kat blog yg lagi satu,ok


  1. i agree!!! kt pun wat camtu~huhu
    dah stat msuk kolej ni kene blaja independent..
    cannot always rely on people =)

  2. aqilah blog tu ke?? ahaha.. terasa gile aku wei :P

  3. qla, yg psl indi tu sket je sbnrnye. copy dr blog org len. so i paste je la ea.

    ps: I found this on someone web blog. Pasal study kat INDIA la kan. Qla, fariza syiok la kte. Hahha.

    "hermm kalo nak merase makan hotel tiap2 hari meh le dok kat bangalore ni.. sesungguhnya.. duit yg mara bagi utk 4 bln pertame kitorg bley simpan sampai stgh thn! takde yg miskin la kat sini.. siap ley pegi bejalan kat taj mahal, ireland, aussie, simpan duit pon still bley beli motor, kete ke.. hahha duniawi lak.. heheh.. ape2 pon gud luck to all.. thanx 4 reading.. syukran jazilan wa ilal liqa' Warkah Dari Bangalore utk Semua."

  4. qla same la kte. mase 1st day tu pon ade org tegur. ni shikin kan. yg blog tu. haha.

  5. kitorng pn tkejut assembly jd mcm tu.

  6. yeay!!!!
    me madu dh msok new phase of lyfe!!!!
    welcome to da club darling!!!!!
    all in all..
    njoy staying there....
    ouh yeah btw...xdek cute guys kewr???


  7. kms sounds great to me.
    how;s life?