Saturday, July 25, 2009

nothing much

its been few weeks i didnt update my blog.IM SOOOO SORRYYYYY.there r pretty much that i wld like to share.but the "IB STUDENTS" tittle has limit me to do so.6 plus 2 subjects to cover including meeting,CAS n stuffs make me feels like im engageing myself with papers n pen!

**first pocket money!!
sume org happy giler time amek cek mcm dpt 1st gaji.

**this is the thing that cost me almost RM 500!
klo x pandai math jugak x tau lah(aimi said this to me)

**girls MD 53(future dentist n doc) during fardhu ain

8am-2+pm >>CLASS
3.30pm-5.00pm>>homework(i love to study at "orange house" cz senang dpt WiFi!!!
(this is what more important)
6.00pm -midnight>>bebas(meeting,study,sleep,borak etc.)

if possible(x de pape college xtvt),qla balik every week!!
so far x pnh weekend kat KMS lagi except during the orientation week.
ohoh.kat kms qla jd Pres. Swimming Club for juniors.ahah.pandai sgt ke swimming???


  1. ooo..
    tu la clculator yg bleh wt graph
    yg sume org komplen mahal
    bapak r.. almost 500 bucks
    wt maths nnt msti smpi masuk
    dlm mimpi..

  2. alooo xaci3334456 kite tk dapat lagi pown duit!! "-.-

  3. haha, boleh program en calculator tu.

  4. eh ko kne bli calculator mahal tu ke? omputih kat cni sume pakai tu tp kitorg stil pakai yg capok spm punye. hoho

  5. gler larh...
    i skong aimi! hahahahha
    miss ya darl!