Thursday, August 27, 2009

baru half ok

im doing part of my tons of assignments.
pakai buat je without knowing the correct answer.
"lantak lah..janji siap"..ayat favourite semua org

few minutes later.i gived up.
asked angah to wake me up in 30 mins.
it end up for 1 hour!!
with books n papers covering the bed.
still managed to sleep soundly.
(unfortunately x sempat sweet dreams)

teringat pulak dekat my dearest rumate.
everytime ktorg bwt homework same-same
we'll bring out all our books yg related to the subject
bile dh habis,we realised how bersepah was our bed!!
n she will always say this
"x nampak dasar dah katil tu"
(meaning dh x nmpak dah cadar yg hot cute etc tu sbb covered with books n stuff)


woke up
went downstairs
enjoying the vanilla-choc ice cream .
naik bilik.
still couldnt figure out how to solve the Q.
online n blogging
(buku still terbuka tepi laptop.berharap dpt hidayah jawab soalan)


  1. chayok chayokk :p qilah2, the giraffe sgt cuteeeeeeeee rawr.hahah.esok jgn lupa tautau.craft scissors tu :p

  2. chumel sangat d hearts!! :p
    terbaca upadte qila,teingat assignments saya yang banyak juga.. err.. :(

  3. chaiyoq2 babe!!!
    u go gurl!!!!
    yg pntng...vanilla choc ice cream??
    u buat i lpar!
    bkk puase is in an hour!