Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cinderella lalala~~~

on Tuesday,went to KLCC for the book fair..
wanted to buy IB books(konon je nieh)..
end up buying none of the them sbb x cukup duit.
mak asked to dropped by at her office to collect some money.
tp malassss.
will be going to the book fair for the second time this weekend with abah to get the books
harap still ade stock

Baby n me were having lotsa fun at the FAIRYTALES section.
we spend most of the time there!seriously.
mengimbau kembali zaman2 Cinderella,Alice in Wonderland etc.

buku nie best.ade lagu2;D

oh yea..we BORONG stickers!!!!

for the very first time,
we declare ourself SURRENDER for shopping!!!
x pernah dalam sejarah kot.

we wanted to find this one kedai kasut.
malas nk cari.
so we headed straight to the information counter.
malas nk merayau to cari the shop.
as we reached the info counter,baby asked me to ask the guy for the direction.
but i refused.
so we just walk passed the counter.
then baby said
"tetibe rase macam hot plk abg tu.sampai x tertanye"
(something like this la kan baby ur ayat that day).
we laughed.
we have the same reason why we refused to asked the direction from that guy.
we end up searching the direction at the directory board.
ade care senang x nk.
terpakselah cari manually.

on the way back.sakit pinggang.



  1. sengal rr kau ni pergi bhg buku kanak2.
    ahaha :D
    dh tu xbeli ke weii??
    belilah satu utk ak.kan ketua a*as
    (masih mggunakan alasan jawatan)LOL

  2. tak dapat elaun lagi ker?
    arituh kmb dah dapat
    for 1st 6 months
    so mungkin boleh guna untuk beli buku en??

    tapi ak guner buka phostotad jer
    mahal gak

  3. izzati>>
    elaun dh msk dh
    tp x nk gune duit tu beli buku

  4. huhu..biasela tuh.. i'm still wondering if i can be Cinderella.. *day-dreaming face* :p heheh

    miss you guys a lot! xoxo

  5. ko bli bku 2..klu bli gak.....peh...mmg sah bajet cam bdk act, ak suka gler fairytales..huhu..
    yeah..bku ib suma mahal2..