Thursday, December 31, 2009

come baby come too-went-ty ten

i DONT feel sad leaving back 2009.gooooodbyyyyyyee
y??because i've made lotsa GOODBYES in 2009.urgh.i bet no one loves goodbye
a "permanent" goodbyes and a "temporary" goodbyes!!
my goooood friendS/my shopping buddy/my gossip girls left me here alone tersadai di KMS while they r enjoying (+ struggling) their new phase of life in ppl's place
and 2 of my cousins had went back to the Greatest God.**Al-Fatihah 2 years time kite sume calebrate new year dekat oversea k.**amin ;D but thinking bout lab reports are freaking me out!
anis u want to calebrate ur new year dekat NYC kn?where shld i go?err.india ade new year calebration ke tak??europe lah peeeople

im hoping that i'll be "welcoming" something/someone awesome/long-lasting/memorable etc. in 2010.oh.plzzz
and ohhhohh.peeeeople.we r getting o.l.d.e.r lah THIS year.gosh!!.n.i.n.e.t.e.e.n
and then 20 pulak!!!i dnt want to be 20.

dnt ask me to list out my 2010 resolutions pls!

have a blast 2010 ;D

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