Friday, January 1, 2010

the start of 2010

this is toooooo much
i tot i am strong enuf.but i've lied to myself.lying for quite sometimes.
the very first day of 2010 shld start with ethusiasm n happiness.but yet im crying in the toilet a.l.o.n.e!
i dnt want to shed my tears for this idk-wht-to-name thingy.
i look stupid.but i cant stand them any longer. be frank,im type of person who loves to keep things to myself.although i've to bear the pains a.l.o.n.e, but it's better than baling-baling barang tu kn.i je yg tahu i geram dekat sape,i marah sebab ape,i suke dekat sape etc.i really wish im now with my gooood friends somewhere out there doing some girl's stuffs.

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