Wednesday, January 13, 2010


it will never be easy when u r handling with something called PRESIDENT.never.seriously.
you'll feel honoured the time u've been elected,but it will slowly give you headache.

again today i was tested with a bigger problem than yesterday.yeee.pasal swimming club lagiiii.others might think this is just a lil' tiny piece of problem that have nothing to care much.but as a Presdnt,you've got to handle this as if you are handling something with the label "fragile" or "caution".Im the one who has to face all the curse,humiliation,"£$%^ etc, but the others have to bear the consequences too.(dnt want this to happen.lets pray).every steps that i make is not just based on myself but got to think for other's sake too.

ugh.enough.i hope all this miscommunication thingy can be settled by friday.will meet the advisor early in the morning and the HEP during break time.doakan sayaaa

owh yea.btw,Jumaat nie,qla kene pergi KURSUS KEPIMPINAN whatsoever.tak kesah disuruh pergi cz i have a GOOOOOOOD reason to go ;D.

ps:happy hols KMS-ans.cuti brthday YDB N.9

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