Tuesday, January 12, 2010

swimming = shower

1.im L.A.T.E !

2.they are waiting

3."dont go.its dark here"


5.gooood news ;D

6.another problem!miscommunication

7.swimming under the shower !

today should be our first session for this year and for the first time, we open it for non-members which include the AL students.to our surprise,there were almost 40 people yg nk pergi(which i think paling ramai so far).tapi this thing end up this way.hughhhh..

i dnt really mind kalau tak dapat pergi and it was cancel earlier.but they have been waiting for like 45++ mins!dont pity me cz i dnt mind wasting my time just to wait for the bus.memang part of my responsibilities as a pres to make sure the bus come and pick us safely..tapi orang lain.kesiannnnnnn.dah lah ade yg rushing sbb baru balik from Uni. Newcastle talk.srryyyy.

but for my case itself,qla rase M.A.L.U!!surely they have set some bad impression to our club.if it was due to the weather that stop us from going then it shld be ok.mesti deorg boleh accept.sape boleh nk kawal cuacakan?tapi nie sebab lain.i dnt really point the office or any particular person.tapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.uhh

hope "we" can learn something from this "meaningful" evening and people will no longer have a bad impression towards us.tolonggggglah.saye maluuuu.nie pon tak pergi ds sebab malu.(but im starving since the talk lagi ='(. )

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