Thursday, February 25, 2010

sheep or ship

i knowwwww.its been awhile i didnt update my lil' dear princess nie,i mean with LONG words and not just pictures and vid.tons of ideas to blab about.but it all clashes with pile of assignments.its purely true that Sem 2 is the beginning of the hectic-real life for IB students.fine.tx dearest senior for the early warning.

take aside all this academic currently having some kind of heart-hurt-friendship problem.i hate to be in such this situation since i do value my frindship very much.VERY know how hard and painful it is.** is the person i trust the secrets and problems.** will be the one who are willing to lend ears,heart and shoulder to cry on.but now,since ^&*))**& thingy started,everything has changed.i cant even bermesra or having good time bergosip with **.NO LONGER.entahlah.macam susah.qla memang jenis yg macam nie.when something like this happen(frindship n heart thingy related),ergh.sangat susah.maybe this got to do with my EGO and my sensitivity too.IM WEAK.theres one time when i almost shed my tears when ** tegur me like usual,tanye whats going on ,bla bal bla bla and do benda biase we used to do,then Qla tolak(x lah kasar,just that err u know lah kan macam mana)ok.berpaling is the word..srry.i just dont mean it.seriously.
nak sngat macam dulu.but i think it will takes time.idk for how long. still searching when others have found.

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