Saturday, February 27, 2010


we(mak abah adik n me) went back to kampung on didnt mention i thought it will just be a night balik kampung the car,i asked mak ,just to make sure dh 1 year ke blm my late cousin been leaving us.and yeah.exactly a year.i've been wondering how will he looks like IF he's still here with we reached,most of my uncles n aunts were there."oh,it'll be a small fam gathering since rumah baru cat".naah.they've planned a small majlis tahlil and doa selamat if im not went on smoothly.makan seeeedap. and guess what,MOST of my cousins and me didnt brought along our baju kurung.not our fault after all.kenapa mak-mak nie plan then tak nak bagitahu anak-anak??

owh did mentioned that my cousin who is now studying at KMB managed to get a place in CARDIFF.gilerr cool.habislah qla lepas nie.i have to work damn super extremely HARD(boleh ke?).sure2 lepas nie asyik kene compare jeee.idontlike!belum pergi pon dh kene,they kept asking pasal INDIA.gosh.india vs uk.till death pon takkan same-in terms of popularity & stuffs bla bla bla.the point here is that i'll never get the chance to persue i've to set my new target to PRAGUE.YES,I WANT TO GO THERE!

lets go into something more simple.another cousin of mine is getting married.bestnyee kawin.eh2.i mean the process into there.haha.yang kelakarnye is when all this mak-mak and bapak-bapak kept requesting this and that for that day.nak live band lah,tiger dance lah, sampailah ke hal parking.but seriously lawak.sangat macam-macam.i was watching a movie when they were having THE MEEETING but i cnt kept my focus on the screen(eventho hero hot).nak jugak dengar =p,they did planned something.smthng yg sanggggggggat best mase kenduri side lelaki.x sabar x sabarrr.

ohoh.otw back nampak bus college.only i know that they went to a Maulidul Rasul calebration at Rembau.

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