Saturday, March 13, 2010


extremely.extremely,extremely penat
imagine u woke up fr subuh,then tak tidor balik tengok glee,then keluar,balik for sembahyang then out till 11 pm smthng.haaha.THIS IS HOLIDAY!
(plus bukan merayau macam rempit whatsoever tu.since mak n abah ade sekali ,see im a good daughter)

btw,i've already bought my baju raye tahun nie!!! baju for kak ainin's wed(fr both function).tapi tak suke nk pergi tailor n time nk measure=p

tp still need some new baju for our trip to * ;D tak payah nk risau pasal $ since ramai pulak murah hati nk belanja.(double yay!).but on the other thought,i think i've lost my sense of fashion.orang pakai ape eyh sekarang??

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