Sunday, March 14, 2010

sudden offer

im actually in dilemma on which phone shld i buy.
camni2.few months back,abah offered me whether to have a bb or iP.lps dh tgk2 sume i still cldnt set my mind on which to bring home.end up cakap kat owner kedai "i'll go back first and think " haaha.but lepas tu terus tak datang dh =p.this happened not once,but 2-3 times.and sekarang im TOTALLY not interested for any bb or iP.just think that they just cant show who i really am.memang lah orang yang pakai bb/iP nampak cool,stylish etc.but who cares.i want smething that really suit me;D L'Amore did well for this
tx abah for the offer ;D

we dropped by dakat sp sbb ifan nk beli something.
suddenly abah made a new REALLY sudden. X6 or e72.
so we went to have a look since im suck in remembering those long phone series.(cant u see that i cant really go with math??).tp end up saying the same thing to the owner.haaha
am i that choosy or what??

so come on pple.which one do think suit aqilahadnan??the bussiness class and sophisticated type or something more trendy and look young??

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