Monday, March 15, 2010

another day wasted but i dnt mind

another day WASTED.naah. dnt really pon cuti sekolah.;D

wook up early this morning and picked akak from ktm.
then i was supposed to send irfan izzan to shah alam.they planned for futsal.luckily abah offered to hantar since im not that familiar with jalan dekat shah alam =p
but esok i hve no reason tak nak deorang hantar lagiiiii

well actually,aimi had book 3 tickets for alice in wonderland @ at 11.
but then akak kate if nk tengok movie die tak nak join
so yeah.tukar mak lupe nak tinggalkn terpakselah withdraw=p
pyramid then summit.haaha.
2 'money victims'.better thn balik then penat but bought nothing kan.

then had lunch at 15.akak's treat.ttttttqqqq ;D

tomorrow's plan????

ps >>oh oh.sape nak tengok alice ajak qla k

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