Friday, April 9, 2010

im okay with Manipal

if yesteryear,i almost declined the MARA offer just because i don't want to be bonded to India,but few days back(on Thursday to be exact),an hour session managed to totally change my mind and perception towards studying in India.

I'm ready to be bonded to Manipal.for real.;D

now I'm having all sorts of positive thinking about studying there.haaha


its a 5 years course(instead of 6 years in Czech).
mak said that i might graduate the same year with my cousin
who is now in the final sem and insyaAllah will further Medicine in UK..


2 1/2 years over there and another 2 1/2 years in Malacca is just okay.
like what the representative from Manipal said,NO HOMESICK ;D
BTW,i wld love to go back to Malacca and hope that abah
will cancel his plan to sell his house over there since it its just a
few minutes drive to the Melaka Manipal.

**suddenly everyone changes their mind and choose Manipal instead.

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