Sunday, April 4, 2010

last week

i think the blogging flavour in me is now slowly fading serious.i always think that i have something in my mind to blog about.(the ideas normally pop out during my shower.haaha).but then,i just cant bring the words out when I'm ready in in front of the screen,and end up having number of drafts that are waiting to be edited and post!

well yeah,i just want to briefly write on my last week's activities which i personally think that last week was a very slooooow feels like the time has stop ticking for couple of hours or maybe days.

on 31/3/2010 we,the Mercy club were invited to HTJ for a talk and tour in conjunction with their 42 was a very valuable experiences for me as it gave me a clearer view of what i should expect 6 or 7 years ahead.we were brought to visit few departments such as the Pharmacy,Occupational Therapy,Orthopedic and FORENSIC.

to be frank,it was vivid in my mind of all the situations when i last visited there(forensic department),which was in early 2009.but i got to be strong because a doctor shouldn't be traumatized by the past and so on.

in the forensic department,we were brought into the real operation room and were shown all the apparatus use.the weighing machine use to weight human organs,the knife which is longer than the knife people normally use during the cake cutting ceremony n others.The forensic doctor even scared us by showing us the saw(gergaji) that is use to open humans skull.the size is as big as old home vacuum cleaner but with a hemisphere-sharp-blades install at the end.then i started to imagine that this might be the same saw the doctor used to open my late cousins' skull....later then,we were brought to the place where they keep the corpse.unfortunately there were none in the refrigerator(the other group get the chance to see the real adult corpse in the fridge).but there were 3 babies in the baby's fridge(i'll call it a fridge because it looks like one).and some other humans organ.....

that's enough on my trip to HTJ.

well next,i think last week was quite a bumpy week for me.

1. Quiz Bio yang amat sangat sangat susah.

2. assembly yang sangat sangat boring and irritating coz
semua orang nak marah-marah.

3. G4 yang bermasalah and few moments of tears with
Sharmeen n Shameen regarding this G4 thingy.

4. someone unknown suddenly confess something to me which
i didn't know whether its genuinely pure from
his heart or just a prank since the next day was April Fool.
Still, i haven't take any action on this.if that guy is sincere of
what he said,he shld never give up and keep doing something to persuade me more.

5. a non-leisure weekend since we have Kem Rabbani and i have 2 quizzes coming up plus assignments that never stop =(.
but personally i did get something from the camp.

DR Aqilah and DR Ummu
we didnt notice at first that our baju look alike untill someone said so.haaha.

budak2 KMS yg memnag rajin.after shopping and
while waiting for the bus,sumua buka notes bio.

im hoping for some miracles coming to me next week and ahead =D

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