Sunday, May 30, 2010

fix you

last week, after math paper2 to be precise,all the President & Vice Pres had a meeting with the CAS coordinator terkenal KMS.agenda die dh dpt agak since ntah sape ntah dah bgtau the day before.

sekali lagi dipaksa-suka-rela to attend a tak.kursus kepimpinan something2.dah lah time cutiii.nie mmg tak boleh terima!.i've so many plan over the hols.tu pon entah dapat buat n berjalan as plan ke tak.serious pack cuti nie.

after the meeting only i know tht i have a VERY EXTREME STRONG reason to skip the camp.YAY!

so esok nk jumpa cas coordinator kms yg terkenal nk bgtau.harap reason diterima.yelah.if cousin n kakak kawen pon blyh lepas,nie kn my reason yg mmg sgt2 obvious kuat.wish me luck!

esok Bio paper 1&2.

**and I will try to fix you(Bio)-coldplay-

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