Thursday, May 27, 2010


firstly SORRY to all(especially to my dear baby).lately busy sangat lah yang.sekarang tengah final sem =(

dalam tengah2 serabut belajar math,tibe2 angah call.not the typical fon call which she usually made when she want to update me of any sales or any new things that she just shopped.tapi yg nie fon call yg special and can be consider once in a life time moment.


giler tak happy adik sendiri dpt scholarship.level happy tu macam same bile dpt tahu qla dpt Mara last yr.lepas tu abah plk buat2 tak tau lagi berita nie.boleh bayangkn betapa happynye abah coz dari cara abah cerita.umph..memannng semangat. i believe that Aimi really deserve this after what she had been WAS was super hard.

i know,coz i've seen her struggling maybe triple of what i did during my spm.seen her going thru her negative part of her life graph.seen her going few failures and frustrations(termasuk love story???)=p

so now u get the chance again to prove to mak abah and also me that u CAN and will be a successful accountant in the future.kerja dengan TNB kot angah.x payah pening2 nk fikir cari keje sume.meneruskan legacy mak abah n ur cousins uncles aunts yg setia dgn tnb.tapi ingt kite(plus kak nana) pernah sort of berazam yg kite x nk cari org tnb to be our spouse.ingat?tapi nampak gayenye ko akan kawen org tnb jugak jeee macam 'deorg2' tu.ahah.sorry u r out of the group =p

apart from rase happy,the other side of me rase macam i'll be losing something.yelah selama nie bile balik rumah then nk keluar,die lah peneman setia.nk pergi shopping jgn cakap the same time die jugak lah penghabis my duit.gossip sume sebelum nk tido.i'll surely miss that.lepas nie mesti dh rase lain bile balik rumah.dh lah jauh kot pahang tu.where is it?Muazzam eh?

till then.will update MORE lepas exam.

missing u <3

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