Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello Sem 3

Hello Sem 3 !

Hey Senior Year !

many to expect. nothing yet to be prepared.ohhmaii.

everyone is giving us the Warning-H*ll sign to warn us on how this Sem 3 gonna be.seniors,uncle,cousin,teacher.ok.Noted!but still tak sedar diri lagii

result?dont want to talk bout that yet.only if i already get the official one, MAYBE, i'll update something.so far,eheeemm.

angah already left for her new Uni life.no update yet from her.maybe tak dek wifi kot.hhhaha.kesiann.abah just had his second laser operation yesterday and everything was fine, according to mak.alhamdulillah.some day bile dh kaya nanti nk buat jugak!ohh.abah and mak sekarang mesti honeymoon dekat rumah sebab anak2 sume dh bertebaran merata2.mesti rasa mcm baru2 kawenn.aww.sweet ;D

wish me luck for this new sem

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