Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup 2010

i will surely miss World Cup 2010!

i will miss those nights when they packed in my room just to wacth the match
i will miss those time when izzah and me tried very hard to refresh the page when it got stuck
i will miss those time we watched the match online while siting on my bed
i will miss those GOALLLLL sounds
i will miss those frustrated faces when their team lose
i will miss those time when the first thing they asked in the moring was "which team won last night?"
i will miss those time talking about handsome players during free time in the class
i will miss those time we were discussing how the match went on
i will miss those time we flipped through the sports section in the news paper hunting for more news and cool pictures of WC '10
i will miss those time making fun with izzah nad kinah about World Cup
i will miss those time calling kinah "PAULina"
i will miss those times waiting to see whether Paul's prediction is again true
i will miss to see those handsome faces =p

and many moree

just so many things about WC '10.really cant wait for WC ' 14.

the final match between Netherland and Spain was awesome.i would like to call it a yellow-cards party.and it is also more a less like a wrestling game instead of a football match.On top of all those 'whatever' things, both team showed their best moves!Oranje and Espana deserved to be in the final.
it was quite an experience to watch WC at KMS dining hall.lepas nie final tengok dekat india pulak kan.sape tahuuuu.when suddenly the warden came and threatened to switch off the tv if bising.but hey,thats how we watch football.kan?semangat bola nama
nya.apa cite tengok bola kalau tak boleh sorakk??

i still remember me watching final WC '06.i was in KKB that time.memang semangat.siap ade white screen tengok dekat dataran depan boy's hostel and pakai ikut theme.Best!yelah WC 4 tahun sekali je.

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