Tuesday, December 14, 2010

first attempt

First attempt for strawberry cheese cake berjaya.yayyyy ;D mak kata sedap betul lah tu kan.
a lilttle confusion here, should it be oreo cheese cake or strawberry cheese cake?OR oreo-strawberry cheese cake?

since im the only cheese cake lover in the house,so bolehlah habiskan 8 X 8 size sorang2.Oh chop, a lil' proportion for senior pandai sebagai membalas budi and maybe a tiny little proportion for Aimi.kesian orang jauh nak merasa jugak.dapat tgk mms je ye?or else i have to bake another one for Aimi before she got back.

very-very satisfied with the recipe.semudah ABC.jk jk. senang lah compared to choc cake.but cake pisang is much more easier.thought of trying brownies pulak after this.anyone mind to share your recipe?pretty please.or maybe carrot cake?

really had bundles of fun at the kitchen this evening with mak and irfan.since suddenly mak teringin nak makan cornflakes-oat, so buat sekali.dua round .irfan pelik and tanya "ada raya apa nie?".lol.

and just realized how irfan has grown up.sangat gentleman these days.it's just so obvious.aimi balik nak suruh die "observe" irfan,see if im the only one who realise that or others might just think the same too.sukeee.grow up you lil' brother.

will update more with pictures and recipe.nak share so that u guys can try it and merasai keenakan and kelazatannya ;D but cant promise it will be any sooner than this weekend or maybe next week.probably.coz i have mission to be accomplished.or else terpakse cancel semua plan for the last two weeks of 2010 .

good night.

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