Monday, December 13, 2010

Spoiled or reward?

Prefer it as Manjakan Diri or Reward Time?

yes,i bought myself a reward.tak habis-habis reward kn.=p actually tak plan nak spend on anything harinie.just nak survey hadiah mak and bawak izzan alter seluar at Subang Parade.tapi bila dah cinta pandang pertama,hmmph tak boleh nak buat ape lah(different case for cinta pandang pertama towards a guy okay.dont just grab them!)

tak tahu kenapa dalam gambar colour die macam its
NOT purple.its something like reddish kot.

tak puas hati juga with the price.not so reasonable.aimi managed to grab one almost similar to this with cheaper price.tapi hati dah stop camplaining.

ps>eventho i love purple, but i wont simply buy thing because it's purple in depends.

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