Monday, January 31, 2011

Academic Day

Just a lil' scribble about my academic day. What i can say is that most of my teachers dont really discuss about my academic- which they sholud be doing so. Name pon academic day kann. Teacher Maths discuss pasal FB and masak-masak. Teacher Bio pon same, FB. Teacher Chem and Fz je cakap pasal academic stuff, tu pon sikit je. Baguslah, takdelah stress nak fikir komen-komen deorang kn. Dah lah lepas tu terus balik rumah, so tak nak rase down sangatlah.

To be frank, the last memory i had about being called for Academic Day was back when i was in Standard 6. GDC please nak kire bape lame dah tu. So mungkin sebab tu perasaan cuak semacam bile Mak and Abah kata nak datang Academic Day. Tak ingatlah kat KKB ang TGB dulu ade ke tak Academic Day nie. Ke orang2 tertentu je kena. Entahlahhh

One thing I will surely remember bout this AD was Mak accidentally spilled one of my "big secret" to Teacher Math.hohhh.Cikgu Math tersayang, please please please keep it perfectly seal okay. Officially, Cikgu sorang je outsider( which mean orang yg not that rapat dengan Qila) tahu this thing.

The first Math class after AD, cikgu panggil Qla. Tanya and cakap benda yang same. Time tu dekat LT3, and belakang row budak lelaki. HOPEFULLY budak2 lalaki MD53 tak curi-curi pasang telinga time tuuuuuuu .korang baik kan tak curi2 dengar kannnn. :Z

Btw, one more thing that somehow i can say it to be "Miracle" is that this one person tegur Qla in the hall. Pelik sebab for any other things that can happen in this wolrd, for that person to tegur me is the very least thing I will expect. Pelikkkkk pelikkk. Okay not just once but twice.hoh! Oh okay maybe sebab dah last Sem, so semua orang nak jadi friendly kot. =p

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