Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pictures of January

This mak cik here pakse me to tangkap her picture.
For Pak Lan's students sure tahu sebab ape dapat "hadiah" star tu kan .=p

Im so over this sweet guy these dayssss.
Too bad hari konsert die tu kite-budak2 IB batch 5 tengah trial :(

It was an awesome and shoking surprise from Zati- My Ketua INTAN (:
normally if someone knock the door, i will just ignore it.
deorang tahu bawa diri masuk sendiri (:
Same thing happened, so Zac bukak pintu my bilik and tengok pelik.
I was concentrating on something else that time and dont even bother to tanya Zac kenapa and whatsoever.
But suddenly i saw someone's shadow bahind the wall
tadaaaaaaaa (:
thank you for spending the awesome night with us here in KMS
sorry that we kinda pakse kau to sleepover in KMS and got to rush back after subuh
But seriously thank you for coming!
Nanti aku, Zac, Haris n yang lain try hantar ko kat KLIA k 18th Feb nie okay

Last but not least


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