Monday, January 17, 2011

How to handle maggots with care?

Two weeks has already passed us in 2011. So how many days left before we-the IB students will be leaving out of this country??haaha. InsyaAllah (:

So basicly the first week of school is all about results, results and results. Yalah, normal things to expect isnt it? Apart from due dates of couse. Alhamdullilah EE, WL submitted. Lets just pray there's no plagiarism and things like that.

Last Saturday, all IB batch 5 students had a team building. At first I was like "whaaaattt? we are already in Sem 4!! theres no need of such team building thingy".dah lah tak boleh nk balik eventho its a 3 days long weekend sebab Yang Dipertuan Negeri Sembilan Birthday. Okay,thats not a big deal if I didnt feel homesick at that moment.

I WENT TO THE TEAM BUILDING OKAY.err, halfway. I "ran back" after lunch break.Please dont put the blame on me if u didnt know the wholeeee drama that i went thru before i decided to went back.Credits to Mira Han-Han, Kinah and Irah. Family first (:

Silent Killers Group (: The awesomest group i would say.
lagi-lagi sebab ade budak2 chempaka yang cool.

My IRP groupmates (: (plus Meen)

Unity much?yesss! IB Batch 5 (:

Thats all about Team Building . Below are pictures taken during our first Bio Lab session in Sem 4.

TOPIC : How to handle Maggots with jk
my tablemates dare me to pick up the maggots and put them all in the test tube.
Challenge accepted babe!
tapi sekali je lah.=p

*note - no no animal abuse!

Finally done with all the scariest, tideous and nightmare oral.yayyyy! freedom.

My oral went pretty well- atleast i think so=p Teacher said mine was 12 mins.betul ke cikgu nie? coz i didnt feel mine was that loooong. Apart from my not so good health condition that Monday - had fever, sore throat, P pain plus sakit gigi due to my wisdom tooth are coming out(yes ARE, ade 2 yg tengah nak tumbuh) Alhamdulillah Allah give me a nicer and easier path to go thru this.Lol, funny thing was i asked teacher "how if suddenly my voice didnt come out?". Yelah recording kotttt.

Looking for tomorrow briefing from Warsaw Uni rep. Hopefully I'll gain something, and Allah will guide me to the best destination.Amin.

Do u know where is Pheonix City? go and google coz i wont tell ya .la la laaalala =p

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