Monday, January 10, 2011


seriously the tittle got nothing related to last night AJL or Ana Fafali or whatever
it is just something that i would like to express about my current situation, my current emotion, my current dilemma, my current EVERYTHING!
but just cant find the best way to let them out.*emotional*

i think the best solution for THIS is to keep it seal inside of me. Yeah, it might hurt me much, I will try to bear with it.But atleast i wont drag along that person into a more complicated situation and make things worst.

jap, Deyla aku nak pinjam words ko nie.

1. you can choose the people you want to be friends with. so just cut the backstabbing pretentious creatures out of your life.

2. do things that make you happy. not to make others happy. unless you really love and care about that person's feeling and stuff.

3. if people are mean to you, don't fight back. you have better things to do. they are lonely and desperate for attention; sb tu cari pasal. so, just sympathize them and carry on with your life.

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