Friday, May 11, 2012

Random Evening

This is so random ,
Skipped mentoring session and go back home early ,
Just to go out and have a sight of the world ,
Probably due to "extra / excess" load of neuroanatomy for this week.

People will normally  say "Welcome to the incredible India " , or "this is incredible India " ,
Do they really mean incredible or  simply "incredible " ?
Make your own judgement. 
I am no biased. 

We were invited by the kids (in picture above) to have a look at their "kampung" , i should say.
The people there were very excited to see us coming , what more with the cameras .
Berebut mintak amekkan gambar, termasuk makcik-makcik and also nenek .
But they are very nice.

 My fav, sebab mata dia sangat besar.

I would love to explore more !


  1. Cantik gambar rel ketapi tu..

    Wahhh ramainya model Qila...comei yg mata besar tuuu...

  2. Nice one Qla!! Maybe boleh buat album "Faces of India".hehe.Xdelah.
    Tapi sangat best tengok. So much like in the Hindi movie! hihi.
    Bestnya dpt kutip pengalaman dgn DSLR :P

    Since ada DSLR ni maybe boleh update lebih kerap?
    hehe. Have a nice day!

  3. tadi dah komen panjang then suddenly internet putus!!

    what to say, oh NICE ONE QLA!!
    the colors of india! and it looks so much like in the hindi movie,
    ehehe, of course la kan?
    makin menarik pengembaraan since dah ada DSLR ni kn? *wink*
    best jeles dgn journey korang. lepas ni maybe boleh kerapkan penulisan kt sini.

    have a nice day!!

  4. Qila, ko guna kamera apa? All the pics are soo nice!
    Betul dah cakap auni tu, buat album Faces of India hehe