Sunday, May 13, 2012

Women and Shopping

Women will never have enough clothes in their wardrobe ,
They can never have enough shoes on their shoe rack,
Neither will ever have enough new handbags.

Marathalli is a shopping spot we recently discovered . By any chance you are in Bangalore, spare some time to go there. Plenty of factory outlets with tempting promotions, sales and discounts . Up to 65% off ! From sports brand ; Nike , Adidas , Puma , Reebok to casual wear like United Colors of Benneton, Lacoste, Levis and many more will surely ripped off our wallet for the day.


  1. Tension la Qla kat sini takde shopping mall. Tgk entry Qla ni lagi tmbh tensen hahahha. nak beli baju waaaaaaa sedih

    1. Ikinn,nnt ikin dtg sini lg skali dh byk tmpt baru ikin blh pegi :)