Sunday, August 5, 2012

Back Home

1st Aug 2012


Currently in the car for another 3 hours journey back from Kuantan. An overnight trip berjumpa adinda dan kekanda ku. 5 months not seeing each other is more than enough to see how much they had grown up (and talllll).

I have so many things planned throughout my 2 months of holiday.YAYY ! But the down part is the 4 of us can hardly gather , except during raya. Itu pun seminggu je kot. So, for the rest of the time, i will (probably) be mak abah's " lil'-spoiled brat " lagii. Being the only child in the house, what more do you expect? Lol. I will behave, i WILL :)

 "Dont go near the water " - Mak

Happy 2 months of holiday ! ;D

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