Monday, August 6, 2012


If last year,around this time of Ramadhan,we were probably on our flight home after performing Umrah. But for this year,only abah (and his 2 cousins) make his way to the holy place .

I will definetely miss abah to wake me up for sahur. I will miss going to bazaar Ramadhan with abah to buy soya bean sejuk , taufu fa and kuih tepung pelita. I will miss the kesibukan two - three days before raya preparing ketupat and wajik. I will miss shoping raya with abah at Sunway Pyramid. I will miss ironing abah's baju melayu and samping malam raya.I will miss abah for everything, thats for sure. And for that, i will seat at abah's place at the dining table and sleep at abah's room for this 2 weeks :)

Starting tomorrow, i'll be mak's LOYAL and FULLY PA :) Apart from that, i have to start my kuih raya project and everything need to be settled before 15 Aug. Work Hard ! Work Hard !

May Allah ease Abah's journey . InsyaAllah .

* 10:24 pm , abah just reached Riyadh for an hour transit.

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