Sunday, August 12, 2012

MRSM KKB Batch 04/08 Reunion

Vanue : Naili's Place , Ampang

Yesterday's reunion was really A NIGHT TO REMEMBER. We just think that we deserved the long night outing , for that we need to catch up with each other's 6 years life stories . 

Since I'm so penakut to drive there, I simply tagged along with Durrah, Dila and Ninie. We're expecting  bumper-to-bumper traffic heading to KL, so we decided to left quite early (which is actually SOOO early)  and we turned out to be among the first batches to arrive. But of course Diyana and Iezy orang first !

Did I mentioned before that this event was a success?  I did !  But one thing that bothered me (and also others, I think) was this place itself. I am quite sure that everyone were "enjoying" them self bermandi peluh . It was so so so hot . There's only 1 big fan to ventilate the whole floor with 85 peoples (?) . And one more thing, this place was "too romantic" for a reunion. A bit gelap, where they only pasang beberapa biji lampu oren only. Apart from that, everything else was fine. Seems like everyone were enjoying every moments walaupun peluh menitik-nitik  :)

The  Roommates !

with Datin :)

 The Homeroom (Sapphire A)

 Acap's surprise birthday cake 

 3 Cemerlang - kelas paling best, i should say :)

Around 9 something, me and Durrah cant tolerate more with the heat , sweats and all. So we decided to get something cold (and airrrr) at Coffee Bean . But at the end, seems like semua budak lama (perempuan) gathered balik dekat CB .Second reunion ! While for boys, they went for futsal .

Looking forward for the next reunion !

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  1. aaaa. jeles nyaaaa korang lepak kat CB!
    and the picture with 3C !


    hoping that this wasnt the last time we'll meet
    and harap harap the reunion will be the stepping stone for all of us to stay in touch!