Saturday, August 11, 2012


Just got back from KKB Batch 04/08 Reunion at Naili's , Ampang. Reached home at 1 am , rasa macam sosial sangat. But blame the traffic! To be frank , i never thought this reunion will be a great success. It is not an easy-peasy job to get everyone to gather back, especially when most of us are now studying abroad. Congratulations to Acap and his crew !

Seeing every after (by most) 6 years was something you can least imagine of. "People chaged". The nervousness and all turned out to be full of laughters, especially when one by one starts to walk down the memory lane with whatsorts of cerita zaman muda.

Will update more later. Looking forward for Ninie's , Durrah's and Iezy's update as well. Please take note ! :)

Masih lagi euphoria dan tak boleh tidur .


  1. serious lah sampai kul 1 pagi ?
    korang balik kul bape smalam?

    but me lagik teruk
    kite balik kul 930 mcm tu kan
    and kite sampai umah kul 12++ kowt -,-
    lapar balik sampai umah

    ps. and im looking forward to urs pictures and an update with picturesss! hihihi

  2. Sebab after habis tu kiteorg pergi coffee bean. Almost semua girls budak lama gather balik dekat coffee bean. Tu yang macam ter-drag lama tuu.heeehe.owhh, siannya iezy, stuck lama dalam jammm.

    Thanks iezy for the night. Awesomeee sangat !

    Ehem ehemm, update pleasee ;)