Friday, September 21, 2012

Japan Trip : Day 1 and 2

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

Thanks to the Almighty Allah for giving us the chance to travel and discover more of His beautiful creations .

The Japan Trip that we had planned since January this year had finally came to the end . One week flew so fast that we didnt realised how much Japan had actually opened our eyes to see a total different world of theirs behind those sky high concrete . Will insyaAllah share about Japanese's life, culture and others in my next (next next next ) post.

Day 1 :

Boarded flight D7522 at 255pm and touched down at Haneda International Airport around 11pm local time . Thanks to Allah that we need not have to spend our first night at the airport. Managed to catch the last train at 1151pm to Lillah's house . Well, just imagine the four of us (plus Lillah five) need to run as if we were in a sprint competition dragging the big luggage and need to change stations 3 times before we finally reached Lillah's. And along the way to Lillah's ,there were many drunk people at the station and the scene sort of "entertained" us after the whole tiring trip. Reached Lillah's place aroubd 230am ++.

Day 2 :
Despite of only few hours of sleep,we were so full of enthusiasm and energy to really begin our journey. We left house as early as 8am .

Shinjuku Park.

No such things as free entrance fee when you are in Japan (Tokyo) . Even if you want to have a walk at the park, you will need to think about money .

Imperial Palace

An old palace in the middle of World's Most Expensive City ?


Ever come across with this name ? Bet everyone had ! For fashionista, this is a MUST VISIT place when you are in Tokyo . You will get to entertain yourself with all sorts of funky (and weird) fashion style and this is the only time you get to put on your fashion police hat :p

walk straight till the end of this road to get to Harajuku St .

You got to bear with the sea of "weird" people

Although the price is almost four folds if to compared with Hot n Roll, but just dont hesitate to spend some yen on this. Highly recommended !
There's another booth opposite Marion Crepes selling almost the same thing, and they are competing with each other . What a super competitive Japanese .


The only thing i wanted to see so badly in Shibuya was their famous scramble crossing- The Shibuya Crossing . You can never imagine how "scramble" is the intersection , unless you experience it yourself . You might get lost in the sea of pedestrian or probably going to the other road if you are not alert enough .
No joke ! And  FYI , Shibuya crossing is also one of the setting in The Fast and the Furious : Tokyo Drift .

ohh ohh, you can also spare some times to have a look at Hachiko's statue - the loyal dog in Shibuya .

NOO NOOO, they are not performing Flash Mob !

Dinnner ar Tokyu Square and had maguro-katsudon .

End of day 1 and 2 .

P/s : sorryyyy for the late update . And again sorry because i will not be able to complete this travelogue in the mean time as i will not be around till next friday .

till then ! <3>


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